Property Tax

A website and development for property tax reduction consultants.

A web platform that helps clients reduce their property taxes.


Project duration:          20 Days

Client location:             California, USA

Technologies used:      Wordpress

Overview/The client

Property tax advisor is a leading property tax reduction consultant based out of California, USA. The client specializes in property tax solutions, allowing property taxpayers in California to reduce the liability cost of property tax.


Property tax advisor was struggling to generate potential clients for enquiry. They needed a fully-functional website to make a client approach for tax saving. Another challenge was to develop an e-signature form to sign any form.

What impact did we want?

We wanted to develop a property tax assistance platform so that property owners in the California area can approach to know how much amount they can recoup on their taxes.

Build awareness for your cause and the impact you're making.
The Solution

As per our client’s requirement, we successfully developed a robust website for Property Tax Advisors along with creating a signature form. The signature allowed improved user inconvenience of signing any important document with remote access.

Are you a property tax reduction consultant seeking to expand your business digitally? We can help you build a website to get tax clients.