Hunger Care

A Non-profit organization website that allows donors to donate online charity online.

Overview/The client

Our client – Hunger Care is a non-profit organization committed to reducing poverty, and helping improve the quality of life of children.

Project time duration:  10 Days

Client location:            India

Technology used:        WordPress

The Challenge

Hunger care was struggling to ensure secured transactions which was dropping the overall user experience. They wanted to integrate a secured payment gateway so that contributors can seamlessly contribute online.  

What impact did we want?

Our vision was to develop a fully-functional Non-profit website that can build a strong online presence and awareness for the cause and impact Hunger Care wanted to make.

Build awareness for your cause and the impact you're making.

Hunger care allowed us to design and develop an NGO website. We built an NGO website with the successful integration of a payment gateway. To ensure a successful transaction, we also integrated push notification features to foster audience relationships.

Dutech Solution ensures quality and consistency throughout the website development.

It is now easier for Hunger Care to reach a wider audience and establish their work toward the social welfare goal of helping the poor and providing a quality life.

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