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Blockchain Technology

What is blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and public ledger that enables secure transactions. Blockchain’s structure stores transactional records of the public in multiple databases. Due to the distributed ledger, blockchain is strongly capable of transforming various industries – be it finance, cybersecurity, healthcare, supply chain management, banking, etc. 

With years of experience in blockchain development, we have successfully implemented decentralized blockchain apps and come up with bespoke blockchain solutions for our clients. Our experts are ready to provide blockchain-enabled solutions to make your business scalable.

Empowering businesses all across the world


Blockchain development

We are a leading provider of blockchain application    development. Our blockchain experts are well-versed in building innovative blockchain apps to meet diverse business needs.


Ethereum application development

Being an Ethereum development company we hold expertise in developing Ethereum smart contracts and customized dApps for banks, gaming, metaverse, and more.


Bitcoin software development

We help businesses provide bespoke Bitcoin software development solutions with our expert team of developers who help you in each phase of development.


ICO Development

As an initial coin offering development company, we offer initial coin offering development solutions to fulfill our client’s requirements. 

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Seeking a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development solution? Our experts can help you create a bespoke exchange to meet all your needs. 

Wallet development

Dutech Solution is a seasoned crypto wallet development service provider offering end-to-end crypto wallet development services for secure digital payments. 

Cryptocurrency marketing services

Dutech solution helps your business grow in the market by offering effective cryptocurrency marketing services with targeted crypto campaigns. 

De-fi development services

Being a DeFi development company, we provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and services to help you develop your own DeFi platform. 


Cryptocurrency development

Our developers help businesses and enterprises offer top-notch cryptocurrency development by building crypto platforms from scratch and revamping existing systems.

Stablecoin development

We are one of the seasoned stablecoin development companies that help you create the required stablecoin. We offer a secure solution for digital currency transactions. 

DApps development

We help start-ups and enterprises build robust decentralized applications that function on peer-to-peer networks and provide excellent user experience.  

NFT Marketplace

Dutech Solution is an NFT marketplace development company that helps enterprises launch a fully featured NFT marketplace on blockchain networks. 

DEX and Swaps

We are a decentralized exchange (DEX) development company offering end-to-end decentralized exchange development with a range of trading tools, across multiple blockchain networks. 

NFT token development

Dutech Solution is an expert NFT token development company known for imparting non-fungible token development solutions for various industries. 

Crypto wallet audit

At Dutech Solution we help safeguard your wallet. An evaluation of a crypto wallet’s security, functionality, and adherence to industry standards of a cryptocurrency wallet is known as a crypto wallet audit.

Benefits of hiring us

Ideation and White paper creation

Begin your journey with our team of expert developers to transform your vision into reality.

Blockchain set-up

Our team of specialists helps you choose the right blockchain platform for your project.


Smart contract and wallet development

We help you create transparent and secure smart contracts for your business.


Post-launch support

Team Dutech offers post-launch support and maintenance ensuring solutions.

Blockchain Development Process

Our team of domain experts ensures a comprehensive and precise client experience throughout the entire process of blockchain development.

Blockchain Ideation

  • NDA
  • Wireframes flow
  • Project flow Document
  • Technology Framework Document
  • Quotation for development of PoC

Proof of Concept Development

  • PoC on client server
  • Audit report of the PoC
  • Proposal to build MVP for the system

MVP System Development

  • SRS Document
  • ER diagram and Technical Document
  • UI Marvel Prototype
  • Audit report with test cases

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Social Networking


Retail & eCommerce


Real Estate & Property


Food & Restaurant​

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frequently asked questions

What is UX/UI?

User experience design is the process of providing the overall website experience a user gets when visiting the website and interacting with the product. On the other hand, UI – user interface refers to the touchpoints a user accesses to engage with a product on a website or app.

What kinds of designs are made by you?

At Dutech Solution, we specialize in creating designs that are user-friendly and align with the theme. Our goal is to enhance every single aspect of a business/brand idea as discussed with our client.

How can a good user experience help business?

For any website or mobile app, user experience is as crucial as sales, marketing, and branding. By creating a user-friendly website, you not only build brand value but also enhance customer satisfaction. A great user experience helps you in increased ROI, customer loyalty, and positive brand building, which in turn leads to conversion and sales.

What are the UX design deliverables?

The deliverables could change depending on the project’s requirements. Typically, we deliver the following:

User research report
UX audit report
UI sketches
Interactive prototypes
Design systems

What is the timeline for a UX design project?

The delivery timeline of a UX design project depends on various factors such as scope, complexity, budget, and client feedback. For small to medium-sized projects, the duration of a project typically ranges from 2-3 months to 6 months. However, larger projects with extensive scope and complexity may take more than 6 months to complete and could extend up to 1 year.