Shape Print

It is an eCommerce store selling products like stationary, printing, banners, signage, stickers, decals, Lightbox & Neon and more.

Overview/The client

Our client – Shape Print is an Australia-based eCommerce company offering a range of products and services related to business and stationery, marketing materials, banners, displays, graphics, etc.

Project Time duration:            15 Days

Client location:                       Australia

Technologies implemented:     Shopify

The Challenge

Shape Print needed a new eCommerce store development to sell its vast range of products and services online. Plus, the client wanted to build a fully customized home page, product variant customization, and want to add digital services as a product to the store. 

The Solution

We helped clients develop a fully-functional online storefront on Shopify to help them sell their digital products. Products got easily organized and added to their storefront.