Mingling Hearts

A Dating Website Development to Make People Connect and Communicate

A perfect dating platform to date a Chinese single woman.

Overview/The client

Our client – Mingling Hearts China is a top-notch dating service based out of china. They specialized in matchmaking – allowing American men to date Chinese women.   

Project Time duration:    1 month

Client location:               China

Technologies used:         WordPress, Buddypress 

The Challenge

Mingling Hearts was struggling to connect genuine people who intend to perform dating to find the right person and build a satisfying relationship in the online space. They needed a web platform to connect dating seekers. 

Another major challenge was to build a one-on-one live chat system with an auto translator, so that users can receive the messages in their native language.

What impact did we want?

Our vision was to make a fully functional dating website platform that allows men to find their desired dating partner without any hurdles.

Dutech Solution ensures quality and consistency throughout the website development.

It is now easier for Mingling Hearts to provide the fantastic dating service they wanted without any hurdles.

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The Solution

Mingling hearts allowed us to understand what they want to achieve. This included everything from website designing to development to functionality to payment gateway to content. 

Along with the robust website development, we have successfully implemented a one-to-one chat system which was too challenging on a platform like WordPress. We have accepted the challenge and built a chat system on WordPress that allowed communication in real-time. 

We have implemented a linguistic feature that converts all the Chinese text into English and vice versa to make the chatting experience super easy for both Americans and Chinese.

We have also built an in-house shopping store that allows users to shop for dating-related products. Plus, integration of payment gateway – stripe that allowed seamless transactions.  

Overall, we have developed a fully functional website for Mingling Hearts that allowed them to build a medium to connect people to perform dating.