What Factors to Look for While Hiring a Shopify Developer

What Factors to Look for While Hiring a Shopify Developer

Businesses are entering into the e-commerce space at a rapid pace. Globally, today there are about 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites exist.
To design, develop, and maintain your e-commerce website, there needs a robust team of Shopify developers. As an entrepreneur, once you are assured that to have a robust Shopify website, you can sell anything from custom clothing to online courses.
However, if you fail to leverage the Shopify platform in the right manner, it may become difficult to remain in such fierce competition. Hiring a Shopify expert can craft your online store according to your unique brand and make it align with consumers’ needs.

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This blog discusses what to look for while hiring a Shopify developer. Let’s have a look.

Skills set

When you are on a search to hire a Shopify developer, you likely need to look for a specific skill set. Some of the crucial skills a developer must have are – JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and Liquid Language.

These skills play an important role in customizing the Shopify store as required. Be it integration of features, layout adjustments, or implementing search filters, an expert team of developers does all the bespoke requirements.


Before you hire it is important to evaluate the Shopify developer’s portfolio to get an idea of their previous project and what value they can bring to your business project. Make sure to verify that they have experience in your niche so that the team of developers can better understand your business objective.


An experienced Shopify developer can acknowledge common issues related to Shopify web development to improve customer retention. Moreover, an experienced one is more likely to be updated with what’s on trend in the Shopify environment which in turn leverages your online business.

Communication skills

Hire a team of Shopify developers who are fluent in communication. Not only even in communicating but also in listening and grasping to your project’s scope. They should be able to provide and communicate with you about project updates, challenges, complexities, and potential delays. In addition, look for a developer who can act as a solution expert for technical and non-technical aspects of your project.

Project Budget

Project budget is another important factor when you hire a Shopify developer. It is important to define your budget and ensure that the charges of the developer line up with your budget.

The hourly rates for most Shopify developers vary depending on their location and experience, usually ranging from $15 to $150. Alternatively, you can hire a Shopify expert who will work at a fixed rate for your project. For simpler tasks, you may opt for less experienced developers, while more complex developments and customization may require the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Post development support

It is important to hire a Shopify developer that provides post-development support. There are possibilities that the project may experience troubleshooting errors, and functionality-related issues, or may require any technical assistance. To make sure the website performs well, post-development support services are really crucial. Post-development support plays a vital role in maintaining the performance and security of your website.

You will likely need specialized assistance to address the glitches and problems in your Shopify store following its development. Many Shopify developers offer dedicated support for a specific duration once the project gets completed.

In Final Words

When it comes to hiring a Shopify developer there are numerous options available in the market. Picking up the right team of Shopify developers is essential. Above mentioned factors will help you look out for the right team of developers.

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