Open AI’s New Voice and Image Features Rolled Out

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In a swift-growing landscape of artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT has revealed new features. ChatGPT users will now be able to experience voice conversations with the AI tool. Moreover, users can now show images to get natural and intuitive responses to their queries.


♦    ChatGPT rolled out voice search and image intelligence capabilities to figure out user queries

♦    The two new features will provide more intuitive and natural conversations 

With such remarkable achievements in the field of AI technology systems, these features are all set to simplify the use of platforms. The advanced features now have more potential to engage users and make their lives easier to accomplish tedious tasks. For instance – while traveling, one can share a picture to chatGPT of a particular place and get queries solved.

Here’s How Voice Input Let you Communicate

AI Tool’s voice feature which the user interacts with will be able to respond in one of five synthesized voices. According to OpenAI, the voice feature is integrated with advanced text-to-speech technology. Voice can be enabled on iOS and Android platforms. Each of the voices in the chatGPT is created by collaborating with professional voice actors. The rollout of new voice communication technology introduces more unique opportunities for innovative apps. However, the use of voice technology is currently limited to conversation chat platforms to cut down any potential harm. 

Here’s How Image Input Helps You Get Answers from ChatGPT

With the GPT’s images feature, users can now show more than one image. Moreover, to highlight a particular portion of the image, users can make use of a drawing tool in the app. 

The driving force behind the ChatGPT’s image feature are Multimodal GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. According to OpenAI, these models use their language processing capabilities to look over different types of images such as photographs and even documents containing images or text. The image capabilities are immensely tested to set it as a risk-free process.

In Summary

With the introduction of voice and image capabilities, ChatGPT is all set to deliver a more interactive user experience. 

However, OpenAI is adopting a quantified approach to gradually roll out and implement their technology products, thereby restricting initial availability and features as a safety measure against potential risk. 

As these technology features emerge in a broader form, we can expect chatGPT to be more intelligent and capable.