Google’s Core Algorithm Updates for 2023

Google Core Algorithm Updates for 2023

Every year Google rolls out many new updates to its search results. However, these updates are minor ones but can impact your website’s SEO. To stay ahead of the Google algorithm updates, it’s important to keep monitoring website rankings and performance using Google Analytics, Search Console, and other relevant tools. 

Here are 2023’s Google algorithm updates. Let’s have a look.

September 2023 Content System Update - Roll out is expected soon

Steps Summary:

Google’s content update is about quality content that is not only for ranking on search engines but also useful and relevant to users.  Here’s what has changed with the helpful content system, have a look: 

  • Improved classifier 
  • Hosted third-party content
  • Content written by people or machines
  • Self-assess your content if hit
  • Adding or removing content for search engines

August 2023 Google Core Algorithm Update - Roll out completed September 7

The core update took place on August 22nd and was rolled out over 16 days, ending on September 7th. The core updates highlighted the changes to Google’s search algorithms impacting how your website ranks. The changes are how Google analyzes the overall content. Google will focus on high-quality content for better website optimization and performance. 

Topic Authority System

On May 23, Google announced a topic authority system for news-relevant content. According to Google, the topic authority system helps determine specific new related queries for users for certain topics like politics, health and finance, or politics. The Topic Authority System analyzes numerous signals such as the Source’s notability for the topic, the Source’s reputation, and the originality of reporting. 

April 2023 Update

Back in April, Google rolled out “Reviews Update” on April 12 and rolled out for 13 days after it was announced. This algorithm update was rolled out to enhance the fidelity of local search results.  

The update emphasizes providing more precise and relevant reviews in local search results. Google altered the name of its Product reviews system to Reviews System. They also changed the language in the guidance documents. Of all, it’s all about the way Google simplifies data reviewing and provides relevant one to local businesses.

March 2023 Update

Google’s March 2023 update emphasized promoting high-value website pages. The update is focused on enhancing the search results by giving priority to the website that delivers the best user experience. The rolled update also emphasizes the speed of a website meaning the website with faster loading speeds is likely to rank. 

February 2023 Update

On February 21, Google rolled out a product review update which took 14 days to initiate. The update aimed to impart a clear understanding of the product review system. The update pertains to eleven languages including French, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, German, Portuguese, and Polish languages.