Google announced – Mobile-First Indexing Completed after 7 Long Years

Google Announced Mobile-First Indexing Completed after 7 Long Years


♦      With mobile-first indexing, google will now emphasize mobile versions of the website when indexing and crawling

♦     With the completion of the shift, Google is set to minimize desktop crawling soon.

Google’s mobile-first indexing first move which was initiated about 7 years ago is now finished. John Mueller from Google expressed this by announcing the completion of a long journey of mobile-first indexing. 

To be very precise, Google initiated the mobile-first indexing 6.5 years ago. Google first started mobile-first indexing back in November 2016. 

By December 2018, more than half of the websites in Google SERP that were displayed in Google SERPs were from mobile-first indexing by crawling mobile pages instead of desktops.

Mobile-First Indexing Provides Enhanced User Experience

Mobile crawling provides a precise experience for what users see when performing smartphone searches. Mobile crawling plays an important role when it comes to enhancing user experience. By indexing mobile websites, it delivers the most relevant information to users. This not only enhances the search result efficiency but, also allows personalized recommendations depending on individual preferences. Moreover, mobile crawling allows users to experience a seamless browsing experience, uncover new content, and get engaged with their most-liked brand.

Google to Manage Remaining Desktop-Based Websites

Google declared that the websites that are not functioning appropriately on smartphones, will keep crawling the desktop versions for the time being. In the future, the company will minimize the desktop crawling pages to sustain the resources.

Relevant Changes to the Search Console

Google to eliminate indexing crawler data from the search console. With the switch complete, this data is no longer essential as all functional websites are getting crawled through mobile only. 

This extensive shift to mobile-first indexing has contemplated the essentiality of smartphone devices to make use of the internet globally. 

With the completion of this rollout, google has prioritized mobile-friendly sites as a primary platform for accessing the web.

Changes to Search Console

Google also stated that – it will be putting off the indexing crawler information in the search console’s setting option. Google is eliminating this as this information is no longer in need of since all the websites working on smartphone devices are now primarily getting crawled with the mobile crawler itself. 

This is all about mobile-first indexing updates. Google is all set to restrict crawling through desktop crawlers in a full-fledged manner soon.

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