Leaves To Nature

Leaves to Nature is a blogging platform that publishes useful content based on health, food, and nature.

Overview/The client

Our client – Leaves to Nature is a blog publishing platform that publishes content on various topics related to food, nature, and wellbeing. The Leaves to Nature aims to inform and educate about how connecting to nature and good food can contribute to physical well being.

Project Time duration:        15 Days

Client location:                   India

Technology implemented:   WordPress

The Challenge

Client was struggling to create an influencing blogging platform to increase traffic, educate readers, and build a brand presence in the blogging niche.  Ultimately, they wanted to differentiate their business from competition and build trust, and authority in the industry to open-up multiple avenues to generate profit.

What Impact Did We Want?

Our vision was to develop an engaging blogging website platform that makes visitors stay on the website longer, interact with the content, and sign up for the email newsletter.

The Solution

We built a visually stunning blogging website that is easy to navigate as well. Our focus was to make readers find and access the content without any hurdles.