Du Global Facts

It is a blogging platform that updates fact-based articles to connect with the ideal audience.

Overview/The client

Our client – Du Global Facts is a blogging platform that publishes content based on statistics and facts about multiple niche industries. With a goal to provide readers with factual content, Du Global facts wanted to educate potential consumers and generate traffic.

Project Time duration:             20 Days

Client location:                        India

Technology implemented:         WordPress

The Challenge

Du Global Facts was struggling to develop a full-fledged blogging website. The challenge was to develop different categories, so that content of multiple topics can be published easily. The client wanted a platform where readers can find content within a particular category.

What Impact Did We Want?

As per the client’s requirement, our vision was to build an easy-to-navigate website with mobile compatibility, so that visitors can access content easily.

The Solution

Du Global Facts gave us the opportunity to develop the blogging website with apparent requirements. We have successfully developed a user-engaging blog platform where every individual piece of content can be published in its niche category. We built a website that let readers easily find the relevant content they want to read without any website navigation error.