ChatHooter is a chatting platform that provides opportunities for users to connect with new people and get sociable across the globe.

Project Time duration:    1 month 

Client location:            India

Technologies implemented:    WordPress, BuddyPress (web development), Flutter, Node.js, MongoDB (mobile app development)

What impact did we want?

Our vision was to make a fully functional chatting mobile application that easily allows users to find new people of their match so that they can chat and share their thoughts effortlessly.


Chathooter was struggling to attract a specific set of audiences who intended to connect to new people online to chat with new people and get sociable. The client was seeking an engaging chatting platform to connect chatting seekers and allow them to communicate in their native language. Another major challenge was to build a one-on-one live chat system with an auto translator so that users could receive messages in their native language as well. 


Chathooter allowed us to understand their business project and overall objective. This included everything from planning and implementing website designing to web and app development including payment gateway integration. 

Our team of developers was dedicated to working on developing user-centered mobile app development. We have implemented a linguistic feature that allows users to receive chat messages in their native language. 

Overall, we developed a fully functional mobile app called Chathooter that allowed users to connect with people to chat and get sociable. It is now easier for Chathooter to attract their target audience and offer reliable chatting options.