Our client – Alparwaaz is a recruitment consultant firm that helps companies find the best talent from India. Alaparwaz through its recruitment platform wanted to minimize the gap between employee and employment through an easy recruitment process.

Project Time duration:   1 month 

Client location:              Dubai

Technologies used:     WordPress

Challenge 1

In a competitive recruitment businesses sector, a client being a recruiting consultant faced challenges in attracting suitable candidates and was struggling to create an efficient recruitment process. 

Challenge 2

Apart from, being a recruitment consultant in such as digital competitive industry, Alparwaaz was also facing challenges to get online visibility. As online recruitment has become a new mode of recruiting candidates, the client too was aiming to step up towards a full-fledged e-recruitment process to lead in the industry and provide top talents to the industry in an efficient manner.


Solution 1

To let candidates access recruitment consultancy services easily, enhance communication between employees and the recruitment staffing team, and make the recruitment process easier, the project required an easy-to-navigate website to provide a wealth of information related to employment. We developed a website to upload job vacancies for multiple industries. A web development acted as a bridge to connect candidates and building a pool of talent.

Solution 2

To expand online visibility, we followed a strategic SEO plan and identified opportunities to enhance the web presence. We went through the competitor analysis, performed keyword research, and implemented technical SEO (on-site and off-site SEO), local SEO, backlinking strategy, content optimization, etc. Our SEO solutions help drive candidates onto the Alparwaaz platform and allow them to search and apply for the job.


With the website development and SEO implementation, we were successfully able to deliver a solid platform that not only solved the purpose of an efficient recruitment process but also attracted talented candidates to get the desired jobs.